We hope to have all the meetings for this year and January and February of next year scheduled.  It is preferred that meetings are held the third weekend of each month.  Please be thinking whether you can commit to hosting a meeting this year.  Months still needing a host are:  April, June, October, November, December, and January and February of 2018.  


January           Meeting hosted by Leslie and Henry Culpepper

February         Meeting hosted by Jill and Roger Raft

March             Central Florida Koi Show 10-12

April 22           Dr. and Mrs. Barroso to host April 22 meeting. Carolyn Weise of MicrobeLift Laboratories will give a

May 20           Rob and Hazel Forbis hosting the May meeting.  Joe White will give a presentation on
                      water quality and maintaining a healthy koi pond. Carl Forss of The Koi Store (formerly Flat Rock 

                      Koi) will be bringing in some nine month old Marudo Gosanke for exclusive sale to our members.

June  17          Narish and Rosemarie Ramkissoon will host the June meeting. Taro Kodama will be our guest 

July                No Meeting

August            No Meeting

September 23 The Koi Store visits Central Florida at our September meeting at the home of Jill and Roger Raft.

October 21     Chris and Diane Schroettinger to host October meeting. Chris and Sam Schult will share their
                     experiences raising koi and goldfish in their backyards.

November 18 Maria Gonzalez and Gary Quick are hosting the November meeting. Topic TBA

December 9   Our annual holiday Christmas social will be at the Cornells in Ocoee. 

This year's Christmas social is being held at the home and pond of Ray and Pat Cornell, 1426 Carriage Oaks Court, Ocoee, FL 34761 (phone: 407-296-3101).  Pat says to come around 11:00 am, with lunch being served around noon, once all the dishes are presented.  As in past years, this is going to be a "pot luck" type lunch.  Pat will be preparing a large ham and the rest of us members can bring a dish of our choosing.  

Kim Hafley